After the Words Moved on

They recognised their failure
crept away amid murmurs of respect

so the fluid spaces come open
trailing warm moments through my skin

a cluster of dislocated ampersands pause
look up and settle into a parenthesis

that frames the heads of tall grasses
nodding in the August meadow

a ragwort exclaims in its yellow
Earth’s ineluctable call

to descend into the broad field of sanity
where soul is a shared journey

dream it in the windy leaf-dance
cry it in buzzard be a listening circle

keep walking through my foggy aloneness
I am human

climb through my snotty opinions
o selfing world

if this body is not deafened
and this voice now unbidden

it's because I've come to the edge
of how I can grow on this Earth

where all that has been given
is moving beyond me

and I am just a questioning mark
after which there is one deep indent

                                in beauty, this passing
                                in beauty, this passing

and a line break

Posted: Fri 8 Sep, 2017