Prayer Beads

One name is You
One name is I Am
One name is That
One name is Hungry Eye, the Thunder
One name is Angel of Conscience
One name weeps and weeps
One name is Wave of Balance
One name squats on a rock in the desert
          night and day
One name is Jewel of Listening
One name is Loser
          all rhythm, no pace
One name spews forth a world
          is made to feel guilty
          wipes its mouth
          walks away
One name is Questioning
          the always question
One name is Ancient
          old enough to have forgiven Time
One name is the Moment
          spreading the eagle’s perfect wing
One name is Fitting
          wheel on axle, chisel in hand
One name is like a matador's cape to a bull
          who is No-Name
One name thrusts
One name suckles the shadows
          doesn’t need to know why
One name gets up in the morning
          goes to work
wonders what the hell
One name went public as ‘I'll never leave you’
One name glows in the hero’s breath
One name is Fruit
        ever-ripening...golden, sweet...
One name is Hold It All Gently, very gently
One name survives, in the hyena’s mouth
One name is Blessing Vastness
        between prayer and heart
        reaching out...
One name is Laughing Zero.

One name is always forgotten
         down here in the straw and leaves.
Where it’s only the address that counts.

From: Travels in the Middle Land, Dhamma Moon, 2013.

Posted: Tue 17 Nov, 2009