Winter Aconite

The aconites are a necklace of bright beads
spilled down the hill, balled tight

against low sun glazed in opal grey.
They sketch contours for a map

of a golden land that will be breathed
into life by the work of time and heat.

Its skyward border is wind-blown rock
and tumbled wall. That’s where the past lives:

a different country you’re never sure you know
the name of; its ghosts. The woman in white

haunting the jewelled hill-top, calling to someone
she loved, someone she lost. As if she were

someone you never knew. As if death
only happened a long way off.

Your small fists are clenched. Let them open
like breath, like aconites – a short span of gold.

From: another wild, Hareshaw Press, 2014.

Posted: Tue 22 Mar, 2016