Evening Out

We become      in this swell of evening
the shape
              that regrets have gnawed out.

The dark is growing      wider, colder

summer dismantling its loom
              unweaves tissues
through which love seeped its raw green life

strands of flowery scents
              and the silks of soft blue mist
hover                    heartful
              gathered into a creeping shadow
that covers and blanks out
the glowing testimonials of beech and oak
              to drain down the last sun

and with it the golden days.
Now there's nothing left to grab.

              a few breaths still remember us
where a weightless moon
          face pitted             yet coolly lit
                                      is on the rise

to give things back their fathomless privacy

as night falls
          and all our colours burn out.

Posted: Wed 4 Dec, 2019