When the time comes

leaves will fall upon our eyes
leaves lick us with October flames
and oaken rags of earth and rain
go pattering down on the cloudy head
that spells out glowing incantations
to birth and weave and bind us
to a ground that's breaking up
as our time unfurls its flags

night will call and roll us over
night flames will bind my dayglo eyes
and darkly birth the sweating truths
that finger-pluck on your rag-time banjo
to tease from weaving ululations
an earthy song that tears us
with the licks of love's breakdown
if there’s dawn it comes in blue

day must sweat a ragged birth
daylight unearth our broken heads
and breezes roll them on and on
so loving the songs that we drop the call
and weave more groundless expectations
with spells that tease and bind us
to nightfall’s nowhere station
if there's heart it's overdue

through the spell of on and on
through rain-teased night if breezes weave
a calling truth to break the dark
this cloudy patter might sing such eyes
as birth the grounding realization:
in Earth-fall time will leave us
bound in flame plucking banjos
as October tears us to rags

Posted: Fri 8 Nov, 2019