Eastern sky at morning, a gilded lung of light
Breathing    horizon    the body’s

Ephemera: arriving
through this unguessable eye – the day’s
strayed light roams in, roams
out, occupies the sky, brain-cloud,
the neural leaf

The world, the body, each a billowed
tide from blood-earth and sky
lifting out from updraft winds
through awareness’s dominions

Nocturne sky, adrift with galaxies, the night’s
ephemera, sidewalk dust of stars,

Ears, eyes open, skin
in a cold burn. Smell of weather,
tinge of salt on the tongue, water,
soil, sunlight, cloud. Creation

Tumbles in upon the blood,
its tidal surge unstrings one: the universe
gone to fragments,
mangled multiple – jetsam, etcetera. “Dislocations

Suddenly reveal other ways of seeing.” It’s those
other ways I want – a thunderbolt
shatters into ink on an off-white page,
poem, picture. Other ways of seeing:
this, this life,
fractured syntax, an eye
gone blind – seen through

A door
drifts open

Posted: Fri 13 Sep, 2019