Poetry as Body

The way that poetry informs a life, that life flows through a poem.

The poem's pulse
through the body, palpable.

"Palpate: To examine by touch."
The poem examines you, from inside out,
     palpates vein & whorl,
     tincture, red eddy,
     more intimately than any scalpel-probe.

This unencumbered world –
     leaves breeze-brindled, lampstand in brass, tick-tick clock on wall …
these gaze with the world in through your eyes
find rhythms and a message as to
their own divergent tempos, images.

No longer mere reflection, rather confirmation
a confluence of mystery's anatomies
no longer – if ever – dual.
Ruminant response, systole- diastole,
     table's wood finds you
     smooth-grained, cool,
     yellowing across to brown, to black
     in the dark-pooled shade of day.

Posted: Fri 13 Sep, 2019