The Earth Will Have Taught Me

the earth will have taught me
rain and birdsongs
speak out move on

   honesty at the roadside
   escapees of a perished garden

freed of shoes he slumps
around a full cup
a basket of warm scones

   prancing leaping farting about
   on Summer-hardened feet

I lean half a branch
into the walled pond
a way out for the frogs

   alone at the waterfall
   with Buddha and the midges

today the sun shines
in vague patches
why long for clarity

   on my glowing screen saver
   pink lotuses bloom

reading a hate note
while the cat sniffs my porridge
her soft fluffy tail

   and if you want him to
   he will shut up at once

wearing flowers in its hair
the mountain
slowly crumbles

   I doodle wild trees

dipper, stone wall, cumulus clouds
reading Monet
I see light

   beak to the sky
   crow swallows water slime

using Ken Wilber
for a zafu
trying to empty the mind

   below the lifted stone
   a worm half frozen

on withered bracken

a correspondence renga written from 22.05.09 to 12.02.10


Bhikkhu Abhinando
Graham Brown
Willa Thaniya Reid
Ajahn Sucitto

Posted: Tue 20 Dec, 2011