Open Wounds, Open Flowers

May on the brink
of blossoming
grows towards the sun

   this stop-start spring
   the weathervane gusts SE

clouds pass
a silent crow
watches from the wire

   somewhere out there
   a half moon

every single time
a pilgrimage
climbing Harnham Hill

   the wood, the white, the stone
   an offering of stillness

at the Buddha’s feet
turn my angry words
into open flowers

   may the rabbit live long
   may the weasel be lucky

within the rhythm
the moment
the ego fading, swelling

   your heart may soften
   on any one of seven seats

why would the tree
not grow silk
with splinter?

   I bring you the best
   and the worst of me

all he wanted to paint
was sunlight
on a blank wall

   beside the candle’s flame
   your face ablaze

spider’s webs are excellent
for knitting
open wounds

   being here
   being indecisive

I return to the sky
weeping, beaming

   bending earthwards
   gorse wildly golden

where there is no roof
the teacher’s eye
sees a shelter

   here come the Canada geese
   and one oystercatcher.

A genius loci renga
at Harnham,
16th May 2009

Abhinando Bhikkhu
John Bower
Holly Clay
Linda France
Geoff Jackson

1 – spring/early summer
2 – spring/early summer
3 – bird
4 – moon
5 – open
6 – architecture – interior/exterior
7 – open
8 – open
9 – the monastic life
10 – love & wisdom
11 – love& wisdom
12 – love & wisdom
13 – light
14 – open
15 – insect
16 – open
17 – moon
18 – flowers
19 – anticipating high summer
20 – anticipating high summer

Posted: Tue 20 Dec, 2011