Arc of Slow Light

Rowanberries’ bright coral
against fat green
fishbone leaves

    open mouthed aerial acrobats
    swallowing August’s currents

every night a dozen slugs
rise from the ground
up the downpipe

    an arc of slow light
    a sense of longing

the monastery
is a mirror
and you are naked

    waking up, the room
    a crumb of world

looking at others
I manage to smile
my best false smile

    in thirst try elderflower
    but in doubt drink tea

a hot breeze
the clouds withdraw
for a moment

    a big enough heart
    like a worn out sieve

wings of feather
and sinew
fly me home

    the ache in her hip
    a friendly pain

sitting still
with near and far enemies
judging distance

    the new fruit knife
    murderous dreams

English geese
speak Italian
migrating south

    restless sighs
    escape the circle

daytime moon
heaven blown

    urtica dioica hides its sting
    behind botanical Latin

we depart
a square of flattened grass
evidence of our effort

    I throw logs on the fire now
    that were meant for autumn.

a genius loci renga
at Harnham Buddhist Monastery
21st August 2010


John Bower
Chandra Livia Candiani
Geoff Jackson
Marian Keay
Cesare Mariscotti
Christine Taylor

Posted: Tue 20 Dec, 2011