For the Tide to Take

Birch plantation
red mist in the distance
black knots unravelling

    frost in the garden
    migrants ready to go

was a sea
cold and tranquil

    counting grains of sand
    the absence is less sharp

I planted a flag
on your castle
for the tide to take

    she loved visiting tea rooms
    strawberry jam, clotted cream

question marks
in the eyes of the cat
under the table

    all my elegies
    were born in this room

Gerard Depardieu is 60 today
and still doesn’t know
he is my guardian angel?

    talking to her on the phone
    makes your chest ache

longing for meaning
the poet dipped his glasses
into the coffee

    La Lugubre Gondola
    sinks in a turquoise dream

ripe grapes
eaten by wasps
under an indifferent halo

    every day a flying leaf
    a dancing lesson

the two sisters argued
over which couple
deserved to win

    here you are − my foreign voice
    my out of tune wisdom

a self-inflicted tattoo
that says
nothing at all

    twelve bars of Irischer Frühling
    lifted his depression

Alleluia! Alleluia!
thousands of carnations
and I’m not thinking of you

    the hare on its haunches
    ears pink with sunlight.

A nijuuin renga in winter
at Harnham Monastery


Bhikhhu Abhinando
John Bower
Livia Candiani
Linda France (master)
Cesare Mariscotti

Posted: Tue 20 Dec, 2011