The Lime or the Lichen

Approaching Harnham Hill
a parliament of rooks
clouds piled upon clouds

    we wade through long grass
    wet trousers, clean toes

stroking the bee
lavender frenzy

    is it the same one that you see
    from your neck of the woods?

as they lay flowers
for Bobby Robson
we kick words around our pitch

    hey Geordie
    there’s a genuine hole in the wall up here

is it the lime
or the lichen
that holds the stone still?

    an empty vase
    his thousand months

behind his belly laugh
the incense

    tea pouring into the cup

how much of love
is letting go
of reason?

    consulting the leaves
    I see a tall dark stranger

soft muslin
blurred shapes

   that voice in the background
   pushes a button

the curlew’s call
springs harsh and east
for the coast

    catching the grace
    of each day’s chaos

19 shades of white
when the moon shines
into the room

    the nettle in flower
    says nothing of its sting

what made you become a monk?
my rehearsed answer
wearing thin

    a flock of passerines
    a storm of thistledown.


A genius loci renga
at Harnham,
1st August 2009

Bhikkhu Abhinando (master)
Linda France
Geoff Jackson
Eileen Ridley
Tim Rubidge
Christine Taylor


1 – summer
2 – summer
3 – animal
4 – moon
5 – open
6 – architecture
7 – open
8 – open
9 – monastic life
10 – love & wisdom
11 – love & wisdom
12 – love & wisdom
13 – light
14 – open
15 – bird
16 – open
17 – moon
18 – flowers
19 – anticipating autumn
20 – anticipating autumn

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Posted: Tue 20 Dec, 2011